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A Brief introduction to drug packaging traceability system

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A Brief introduction to drug packaging traceability system

As a special commodity, medicine is used to treat and prevent people diseases, which related to people health and life safety. However, in recent years, lots of accidents not only make people confused and panic about drug safety, but also reflect people's desire for it. Drug safety has become a national focus and research topic.


Drug packaging, as the bright-colored coat of drugs, carries the efficacy, taboos and usage instructions of drugs, and is bound to become an important part of drug safety. Therefore, drug packaging traceability system has naturally entered people's vision and played an increasingly important role.


In general, the drug traceability system consists of two parts. The first is the internal management of the production and circulation process of the drug enterprises. The second is the realization of product functions between supporting suppliers and pharmaceutical enterprises in the process of drug production and circulation. As the service provider of the whole system, pharmaceutical package manufacturing enterprises pay more and more attention to the application of various methods to realize the function of traceability in their own production process, national policy implementation, and customer demand embodiment. This article will introduce the electronic regulatory code and the current application of various hidden measures to ensure drug safety, for a reference.


drug packaging design


Electronic regulatory code

Electronic regulatory code is a drug traceability system promoted by the national, which can ensure the uniqueness of the drug from production to sale, and is also equivalent to the identity card of the drug. Drug package manufacturers can achieve 100% monitoring of drugs through the code to ensure their uniqueness and traceability.


After received the relevant documents of the customer's Electronic regulatory code, it has to go through three monitoring and management steps before it can officially enter the production process. So it's very safe.


The specific advantages are:

1. Accurately monitor and manage documents.

After receiving the data of electronic code, the customer service staff will use special software to test the data to ensure the accuracy of data quantity, without duplicate code, garbled code and other phenomena.



2. Monitoring and management of all links.

Once the data is confirmed, it will be shared to the administrator of the next link. This process set the edit password permission, which only led the authorized personnel to carry on data transfernation and management. After receiving the data, the data manager will test and screen again.



3. Process design and production process management.

The qualified data is synchronously transmitted to the production operators of the code spraying and inspection links through a code list and encryption channel. After receiving the data, the production process will compare the correctness of the first data in the packet through the code table, and then screen again. Which process will be checked by the third-party quality control personnel. Finally, inspectors will verify the assigned products to ensure the accuracy of data and barcode.


medicine box


Hidden Measures

1. Protection traceability of medicine box design

The structure design of medicine box is mainly to protect the structure of medicine according to the type, size and quantity of drugs. Each pharmaceutical package manufacturer has its own designer and concept, which will help to design drug packages that meet customers' requirements and increase the difficulty of counterfeit production. Cartridge production enterprise can not only search back through the box type structure, but also complete the task of protecting the inner drugs through the special box structure, so that the drugs can be delivered to consumers without any mistakes.


2. Various anti-counterfeiting effects

In order to prevent counterfeit drugs, our company has developed a new type of anti - counterfeiting ink, various special lines, micro font, etc. In addition to the printed anti-counterfeiting on the box surface, our company has also developed "third party" anti-counterfeiting mode, an anti-counterfeiting label, separate from the carton. This mark is used for sealing anti-counterfeiting, in a 3cm large adhesive concentrated on a dozen anti-counterfeiting effect, making counterfeiting impossible.


There are many ways to ensure the safety of medicines. It is very important to get the details right. First of all, we should make sure that the package we produce will not flow out of the country and ensure the circulation of the real medicine. Secondly, improve the production technology level of the company, ensure the production quality of the drug packages. Thus the drugs in the packaging box can be documented, so that problem drugs can be recalled quickly. The most important thing is to safeguard the relevant rights and interests of consumers and ensure drug safety together with customers.


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