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Classification of card design material

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In the field of card production, PVC cards are distinguished according to material technology. PVC card is a card made of PVC material. PVC material has the characteristics of light weight, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture resistance, flame retardant, and simple construction. PVC material is a kind of plastic decoration material. PVC is the abbreviation of polyvinyl chloride material, which uses polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material. An appropriate amount of anti-aging agent and modifier is added to it, and after mixing, calendaring, vacuum plasticizing and other processes, the PVC material is finally made.



1.Glossy Card

Glossy cards are common PVC membership cards. Its surface is smooth and bright. The color is rich and bright, suitable for showing colorful and rounded elements. Its disadvantage is that it is easy to produce scratches and affect the appearance. According to different materials, glossy cards can be divided into non-transparent bright cards and bright transparent cards. Combining different process effects, it can be divided into ordinary glossy cards, matte glossy cards, and glossy transparent matte cards.

 Glossy Card

2.Matte Card

The surface of the matte card is non-reflective, showing a non-mirror effect, and it is not easy to see scratches, so it is very suitable for dark membership cards. Matte card can print convex code (small convex code or large convex code) at the same time. The convex code can be gold or silver. Member signature strips are usually printed on the card, and magnetic strips and bar codes can be added according to the use requirements of the membership card.

3.Frosted Card

The frosted card has a matte surface, which protects the card surface. Frosted card is not easy to scratch after making. The flash card has a gold or silver effect on the card surface, which is especially suitable for gold or silver cards. The hot stamping card uses the heated hot stamping head to press the hot stamping film to the surface of the workpiece to be processed, so as to achieve the purpose of decoration or logo. The hot stamping film determines the decorative effects such as color, graphics and so on.


 Frosted Card

4.Convex Card

The text or pattern on the Convex card surface shows a bright and convex effect, making the card surface more vivid. It is often used to make elegant patterns as shading or embellishment. It is also a good way to highlight the theme characters. This process effect is applicable to matte cards and frosted cards. The darker the color of the card, the more pronounced it is. The reflection on the glossy card is too strong so the effect is not obvious.



In the field of production, a topic that will always be included in card production is production materials. To a certain extent, the choice of production card design material directly affects the final effect of card production. With the development of the economy, the range of materials for card making has actually been expanding, but in actual operation, in addition to the most common paper version, the remaining options are actually a good choice for card making.

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