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Common Gift Box Printing Materials

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Common Gift Box Printing Materials

Gift boxes are becoming more common in our daily life. Besides, although some of the gift boxes are same on the surface, they will give people completely different feelings according to their material. The luxury packaging custom logo paper boxes gift box materials commonly used in our daily life mainly include paper packaging boxes, wooden packaging boxes, leather packaging boxes, plastic packaging boxes and metal packaging boxes. They are all suitable for use in business gift packaging boxes and personal gift packaging boxes. Here I will take you to understand the most common three kinds of luxury sliding drawer gift box paper drawer box printing materials.



Paper Packaging Material for Gift Box


If you want to reflect the high quality and preciousness of the gifts, it is best to use thick materials and high-strength cartons. There are two main types of materials: corrugated cardboard and compressed cardboard. Because product packaging paper carton gift boxes need the exquisite printing, it is recommended to use higher than E-corrugated ultra-thin corrugated cardboard packaging. The thickness should be controlled at 1mm-2mm. The box type can be folded and formed into the opposite-shaped carton, and the E-corrugated type paper has good rigidity. Besides, it is suitable for exquisite printing. In addition, there are also miniature corrugated cardboard such as FGH which also can be used.


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Wooden Packaging Material for Gift Boxes

High quality gifts use wood to let the people feel softer and more classy when they touch on the surface. So we can choose to use solid woods. This typr of materials is environmentally friendly and beautiful. Besides, it also can show the goods high quailty. Such as the common wooden jewelry box. The wooden jewelry box is simple but elegant, which is very suitable for the women with elegant taste to use. Generally, the wooden jewelry boxes are divided into mahogany jewelry boxes, pine jewelry boxes, eucalyptus jewelry boxes and mahogany jewelry boxes. The most distinctive is the eucalyptus products. Elm is walnut, because of its slow growth, it has fine texture and strong texture. The representative goods is the European-style pine jewellery box which is a folding paper box gift packaging cake baking box.


Gift Box Leather Packaging Material

Take the jewelry box as the example, the leather jewelry gift box generally combines the fashionable design elements, which has the feeling of the modern times. There are generally be divided into crocodile leather jewelry boxes, plain leather jewelry boxes, pearl leather jewelry boxes. 


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The Advantages

Because the gift box is an extension functional way of the social needs for packaging. Therefore, it not only has the function of packaging but also highlights the role of one part of the goods. The exquisiteness of the gift box is proportional to the value of the goods, which may weaken the use value of the goods to a certain extent. The protection of the goods is similar to the general packaging. In order to highlight the value, there always will use more expensive and beautiful lining to protect goods, such as silk. It is not as convenient as the general packaging in the circulation link. The value of the gift is relatively high, so that the cost in circulation is necessarily higher, which can avoid goods collision avoidance and deformation-free during transport. So that it has a strong influence in attracting consumers by butifying the packaging of products.


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