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Consumer Psychology in Gift Box Design

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Packaging has always played an extremely important role. A waterproof paper bouquet flower gift box, as its name implies, is a box used for packaging products. Each product packaging with its own unique image language to communicate with consumers, to affect the first mood of consumers. Consumers' thoughts on packaging at first glance can lead to both success and failure. A package that doesn't have a punch line will pass consumers by. Consumers have complex psychological activities before and after buying goods. Research on consumer psychology shows that the differences in age, gender, occupation, nationality, education level, social environment and many other aspects can be divided into many different consumer groups and their different consumer psychological characteristics. According to the survey results of Chinese social survey firm on people's consumption psychology in recent years, the consumption psychology characteristics can be generally classified as the following:



The Pursuit of Practical Goods


Hope that the goods are easy to use, inexpensive and fine, not deliberately pursue the appearance of the beautiful and novel style.

The consumer groups holding this psychology are mainly mature consumers, working class, housewives, and elderly consumer groups.


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The Pursuit of Aesthetic Goods


The consumer groups who hold this psychology are mainly young people and intellectuals, among which the proportion of women is as high as 75.3 percent. In terms of product categories, jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, handicrafts and custom sliding rigid paper cardboard gift box, more attention should be paid to the expression of aesthetic value psychology.


Pursue the Singularity of Goods


This psychological consumer group is mainly young people under 35 years old. This kind of consumer group thinks that the style of goods and packaging is extremely important, that is, the shape, color, graphics and other aspects of packaging more fashionable, more avant-garde, but do not care about the use value and price of goods. In this consumer group, teenagers and children account for a large proportion, for them sometimes the packaging of the product is more important than the product itself. In view of this group of consumer group that cannot ignore, its package design should highlight "novel" characteristic, in order to satisfy this kind of psychological demand.


A Herd Mentality


Conformity consumers are willing to cater to popular culture or imitate the style of celebrities. However, experiments show that only a few people maintain their independence and are not followed by others. Therefore, conformity psychology is a psychological phenomenon common to some individuals. This psychological behavior is promoted by the media's promotion of fashion and celebrities. To this end, packaging design should grasp the popular trend, or directly use the product image spokesman favored by consumers, improve the trust of goods.


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The Pursuit of Brand


For consumers of recycle kraft paper sliding drawer gift box, no matter what kind of consumer group there is a certain degree of psychology, value the brand of goods, because the public have a sense of trust and loyalty to well-known brands. When economic conditions allow, even regardless of the high price of the commodity and insisted on buying. Therefore, establishing a good brand image is the key to the success of product sales.


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