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Cosmetics Packaging Recycling

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Cosmetics Packaging Recycling

Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and other cities have also introduced policies to join the force of garbage classification.


With the implementation of local policies, it also shows that the forced classification of domestic garbage has been accelerated. As the economy of the cosmetics industry heats up, cosmetic packaging and waste containers account for a higher proportion of household waste. Therefore, cosmetic packaging recycling has become particularly important. Nowadays, what is more interesting is whether the compulsory classification of household garbage can promote the development of recycling and utilization of paper box packaging cosmetic and make the industry more environmentally friendly.


The Plight of Cosmetics Packaging Recycling


According to statistics, the global beauty industry produces 120 billion pieces of packaging every year, causing 18 million acres, or about 100 million mu of forest loss. However, once the eyeliner and mascara are discharged into rivers or landfills, they can take hundreds of years to decompose.


Because cosmetics have the characteristics of long use cycle and wide distribution range, which makes it more difficult to recycle cosmetics packaging. Without professional recycling channels, it is difficult to collect scattered cosmetics packaging.


Cosmetics manufacturers are of course aware of the importance of simplifying packaging and recycling cosmetics packaging. Previously, some brands launched empty bottles for products and other activities, which not only consolidated the original consumers, but also attracted fans and achieved the purpose of marketing.

cosmetic packaging


A more practical problem is that, due to the high cost of recycling, most enterprises cannot actively respond to the recycling of cosmetics packaging. Cosmetics packaging recycling cleaning process is many, any one of the procedures wrong, may lead to a mistake and pay a huge cost.


However, since there is no professional recycling channel to recycle cosmetics packaging, consumers have nowhere to send the cosmetics packaging after use, and they can only be thrown away as household garbage and enter the conventional garbage disposal process.



A Foreign Company Practices Recycling Cosmetic Bottles in China


Common types of packaging for modern cosmetics include glass bottles, hoses, plastic bottles, plastic bags, metal containers, capsule packages, and vacuum packs, all of which are basically recyclable.

China is the world's largest recycling and remanufacturing country, but the foreign company Teri environmental protection came to do recycling, and only accept toothpaste, shampoo, cosmetics bottles and other packaging wastes that are considered of low value. What is the model to support them to do so?

On the official website, we can see that Teri's environmental protection projects include Lancome skin care products empty bottle recycling project, Kash hair care essence empty bottle recycling project, L'oreal salon Paris exclusive dyeing paste recycling project and so on, all of which are related to the kraft paper cosmetics box.


Starting from the cooperation with enterprises. Teri set up a sponsorship partnership with a brand company and then did the recycling later. Teri collects all the waste by type. For example, if we establish a cooperation with a toothpaste company, we will start to recycle all kinds of oral care products in China.


Everyone participates in recycling and gives bonus points. After establishing corporate cooperation and recycling categories, Teri will set up a garbage recycling channel on the official website. If participants register online, they can apply for free garbage recycling and get corresponding points. Participants can be anyone, individuals, families, schools, organizations, companies, etc. The collected scrap will be sent to Teri via sf express. After the participants send the waste to the warehouse, Teri will store the waste for sorting and recycling, and then credit the points to the participants' accounts, which can be converted into the corresponding funds to donate to the charity or NGO designated by the participants.


Behind reuse: a team of scientists and artists, Teri, has three ways of handling waste: reuse, upgrade and recycle. In addition to reuse, the team of artists will upgrade some waste products and make another product while keeping the original waste products.

cosmetic packaging recycling


This not only solves the waste problem, but also has a spreading effect.

The remaining 98 percent will be recycled into recycled particles and new products through technical research by the team of scientists.


Teri's model is not the best, but it is a better model that can be seen at present. With the promotion of compulsory garbage classification in China, there may be better models to promote the development of recycling and utilization of packaging for modern cosmetics


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