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Design Requirements of Gift Box

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Design Requirements of Gift Box

Nowadays, custom brown kraft paper box gift box are widely used. So how to design the gift box? Let's learn more about it。


Performance of the Product Itself


The performance of the product itself mainly includes the shape, physical state, strength, structure, weight, value and danger of the product, which should be considered first when packaging.

packaging material


①Product Shape

There are mainly square, cylindrical, polygonal, shaped and so on. The packaging shall be designed according to the shape characteristics of the product. Additionally, the packaging shall be small in volume, well fixed, stable in storage and meet the requirements of standardization.


②Product State

There are mainly solid state, liquid state, gas state, mixing and so on. Different material states have different packaging containers.


③Product Strength

For products with low strength and easy to be damaged, the protection performance of the package shall be fully considered, and there shall be obvious marks on the outside of the package.


④Product Structure

Different products often have different structures, some are not pressure resistant, some are afraid of impact, etc. Only when we fully understand the product structure can we pack different products properly.


⑤Product Weight 

For heavy products, pay special attention to the strength of the packaging to ensure that they are not damaged in circulation.


⑥Product Value

Different products have great differences in value, and those with high value should be considered particularly.


⑦Product Risk

For inflammable, explosive, toxic and other dangerous products, safety shall be ensured. Additionally, precautions and specific marks shall be provided on the outside of the package.



Differences in Product Packaging


The choice of packaging method is very important for product protection. Only by comprehensive understanding of product performance and circulation conditions, making several schemes and economic evaluation, can we find a suitable packaging method. There are two ways of product packaging.


①Select the Packaging Method

According to the requirements of product protection intensity, the appropriate packaging process and method are selected according to the goals of convenient use, convenient mechanical loading and unloading and transportation.


②Select Packaging Materials

According to the product performance, the appropriate packaging materials are selected to make the packaging containers, and the appropriate auxiliary packaging materials are selected to package the products.


packaging design


Impact of Natural Environment


Transportation Conditions

In the process of transportation, products will be impacted, vibrated, etc., and different means of transportation have different effects on packaging. Product fixation and buffering should be considered.


②Loading and Unloading Conditions

 It is necessary to consider whether manual or mechanical loading and unloading, as well as loading and unloading times and other conditions.


Storage Conditions

The pressure strength of the custom brown kraft paper box gift box should be inspected. In addition, the storage is divided into indoor storage and outdoor storage. The former should pay attention to moisture-proof, mildew proof, waterproof, and so on. Besides, the latter should pay attention to rain and snow proof, sunlight proof, wind proof, etc.


④Meteorological Conditions

There are mainly sunshine, temperature, humidity, rain, snow and air, which have different effects on different products. Those need to be considered according to different meteorological conditions.


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