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Design and Significance of the Tag

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Significance of tag design.

As the market becomes more prosperous and competition is bound to become more intense, some famous brand manufacturers, in order to protect their products from counterfeit and shoddy products, have used various holographic anti-counterfeiting tags and bar codes locally. This not only protects the interests of the enterprise itself, but also safeguards the rights and interests of consumers. Although the tag is small, it is a link between the product itself and the consumer. It is an inevitable product of modern culture, and has a positive effect on improving and protecting the reputation of the enterprise and promoting products. However, it is regrettable that there are still quite a few companies that don't know enough about this, and even some brands that are well-known in China have not yet registered trademarks, which gives speculators a chance to take advantage of them. Once such products are counterfeit, they will not be protected by law.


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Design of the tag

A company's tag design is often very exquisite, and the connotation is also very extensive. Although each company's tag has its own characteristics, it has the same thing, that is, the name, address, phone number, zip code, and logo are printed on the tag. In some enterprises, the nature of the company must be printed. Other manufacturers simply regarded the small tag as a miniature "advertising" and printed a photo of a supermodel pretty woman wearing her own product on it, giving a more intuitive feeling and making consumers feel more about their The product has a deeper impression and played a good role in publicity and promotion. Some manufacturers, in order to thank consumers for purchasing their own products, often have to print words of thanks and wishes on the printed with logo paper packaging box to give people a friendly feeling; some tags are more like a product instruction manual, which shows that the manufacturer ’s The person is very responsible. The design of the tag is a bright spot that directly attracts people's attention.



As long as it is packed and the items are beautiful, consumers will be impressed. If you want to make the package look beautiful, you need to make good packaging. The choice of luxury cardboard packaging box is very important. Nowadays, the concept of environmental protection is prevailing, and paper bag packaging is more in line with consumer psychology. Exquisite patterns printed on paper bags are most popular with consumers. With the development of the printing industry, the printed patterns on paper bags are becoming more and more exquisite, and the printing on hang tags is becoming more and more attractive. The tag can also use packaging materials, so that the whole will look more coordinated.

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