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Development Prospects of Sticker Papers

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In the last article, we learned about the classification and use of paper labels. In this article, we will continue to use paper labels as the starting point to learn more about the application and development direction of adhesive labels. As one of the important categories of stick labels, paper labels are involved in related fields. In other words, we understand the development prospects of stick labels and we can also see the future destiny of paper labels.

The topic of stick labels has become more and more hot in recent years. This is the result of the fact that when the competition in the offset printing market has become fierce, everyone has found another way to find new profit margins. It is understood that the huge profits of stick labels are unparalleled in the printing paper box custom industry. Even the thinst profitable supermarket-based basic printed labels are richer than offset printing. In addition, any product requires a label verification certificate How big the demand and output value of labels are.

stick labels

Compared with other types of labels, officeworks custom stickers have significant advantages, such as no brushing, no paste, no dipped in water, no pollution, saving labeling time, etc. The application range is wide, convenient and fast. All kinds of stick labels can be applied to materials that are incapable of general paper labels. It can be said that stick labels are a kind of universal labels, and the printing of stick labels is very large compared with the traditional printed matter The difference is that officeworks custom stickers are usually printed and processed on the label linkage machine, and multiple processes are completed at one time, such as graphic printing, die cutting, waste disposal, cutting and rewinding.

Development trend

At present, there are many types of product labels, and they are constantly developing with the development of markets and technologies. In recent years, pressure-sensitive labels (commonly known as waterproof sticker printing) have been expanding their share of the label market due to their significant advantages. However, it is not always possible to maintain such a large growth rate in the future. Because stick labels also have disadvantages. The main thing is that it is easy to be counterfeited. Therefore, the application of non-pressure-sensitive labels has also increased in recent years. Therefore, how to maintain the advantage in the competition with non-pressure-sensitive labels is a problem that many designers and manufacturers need to consider.

paper labels

Printing methods and their development prospects

Relevant information shows that the common printing methods of stickers in the printing industry are embossing and flexo printing.


It uses letterpress to print stick labels. The printing plate is a photosensitive resin letterpress. The printed label has the advantage of full ink color. However, the grades of letterpress printing equipment are currently quite different. Rotary relief printing machines have already adopted professional oblique-back, satellite-type or unit-type stick label printing machines, so they cannot be generalized during the transformation. Professional stick printing machines mainly based on embossing have the ability to print film labels, but need to contact the supplier to replace some related parts, such as increasing the tension control system controlled by servo motors, adding film surface treatment units, and high-end Some machines can also add precision registration systems.



The advantages of this printing process are simple machine structure, low cost, printing quality comparable to offset printing and gravure printing, and the advantage of thicker ink layers than offset printing products. Flexo printing uses water-based inks and UV inks, which does not pollute the environment. However, due to the flexibility of the flexographic plate, the tone reproducibility is different from that of the gravure and ordinary letterpress. The flexographic printing has a large increase in highlights to halftone dots, a small printing contrast, and high-level layers are prone to faults. When labeling, in order to make up for the layer defects, FM dots can be used in the highlights, and dark modulation or mid-range AM modulation and screening can be used to improve the quality. Label printing plants without flexo presses can introduce stacked narrow web flexographic printing presses dedicated to stick label printing, which are suitable for film label printing.


Judging from the prevalence of the two printing methods in the commercial field, flexographic printing occupies a considerable share in the product label market, and the important role of product labels in product sales is the driving force for the continuous expansion of product labels . According to some statistics, 70% of retail sales of goods are determined by temporary impulse of buyers, so product labels must be beautifully designed, eye-catching and attractive, so that people have sufficient desire to buy. From this perspective, we should take the advantages of the two printing methods and enrich the types of custom holographic stickers, so that they can be more competitive and have a right to speak in the market.


At the end of this article, I will also attach another a few pictures of paper labels, I hope we can understand this more intuitively.

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