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Do you know the design principle of packaging bags?

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Nowadays, business is developing rapidly. An excellent food packaging bag can not only perfectly display it with a single design drawing, but also consider from many aspects such as materials, protection and safety. Next we summarized the design principles of the packaging bag. Hope it can be helpful to everyone.



Must understand the food's requirements for protection

The composition and properties of different foods are different, so the protective requirements of the packaging are also different. For example, the packaging of tea should be high oxygen barrier, high moisture barrier, high light barrier, high barrier aroma, and a considerable part of the current tea in the market is packaged in ordinary PE, PP and other transparent plastic bags, which greatly damages the tea Effective ingredients, the quality of tea cannot be guaranteed. Packaging should be scientifically designed according to the different nature and different protective requirements of the food itself.



Choose suitable packaging materials

Modern food packaging materials are mainly plastics, paper, composite materials, glass bottles, metal cans, etc. We take composite materials and plastic packaging as the main explanation, even if the same kind of plastic has different properties, there will be different. Therefore, it is necessary to select appropriate plastics or a combination of plastics and other materials according to requirements. Improper selection may cause deterioration of food quality and even loss of edible value.


food packaging materials


Adopt advanced packaging technology methods

In order to extend the shelf life of food, new packaging technologies are continuously developed, such as active packaging, mildew-proof packaging, moisture-proof packaging, non-slip packaging, and buffer packaging. These developed technologies are widely used in developed countries. The application of these advanced technologies can significantly improve the protective function.



Select appropriate packaging machinery and equipment

In order to meet the needs of food processing technology, a variety of new packaging equipment has been developed, such as vacuum packaging machines, vacuum inflatable packaging machines, heat shrink packaging machines, sheet thermoforming equipment, liquid filling machines, etc. The selection or design of packaging machinery supporting food processing technology and production capacity is the guarantee of successful packaging.



Structural design should meet scientific requirements

The packaging design should meet the geometric requirements, and strive to make a larger volume container with the least amount of packaging materials, which can save packaging materials and meet environmental protection requirements. The structural design of the packaging container shall meet the mechanical requirements, and the compressive strength, impact strength, and so on shall all meet the requirements during the storage, transportation and sales of the package.


food packaging


Packaging Inspection

Modern packaging is based on scientific analysis, calculation, reasonable material selection, design and decoration, using advanced packaging technology and packaging machinery and equipment. As a qualified commodity, in addition to product (food) testing, packaging must also undergo various tests. There are many types of packaging tests, and testing items can be selected according to specific conditions and regulatory requirements.


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