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Do you know the requirements for pharmaceutical packaging?

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Do you know the requirements for pharmaceutical packaging?

Medicine is a special commodity, and its packaging box custom logo has its special characteristics. Do you understand the requirements for medicine packaging box? Let's take a look at it.



Pharmaceutical Packaging Should Meet the Needs of Different Circulation Conditions


In the field of distribution, medicines can be affected by the conditions of transportation and handling, storage time, climate change, etc., so the packaging box of medicines should be adapted to these conditions. If you are afraid that the medicine will be frozen when it is sent to cold areas, you must add cold-proof packaging, the measures for packing medicine should be based on the area with the highest relative humidity. Similarly, the specific situation of the exporting country should be fully taken into account when packaging the exported medicines, and minimize the possibility of affecting the quality of the drug due to packaging.


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Pharmaceutical packaging should be compatible with the contents


The packaging shall take different measures according to the physical and chemical properties and dosage form characteristics of the contained medicine. In case of light-susceptible medicines that are subject to deterioration and oxidation, light-shielded containers should be used, liquid medicines in bottles should be protected against shock and pressure. The packaging industry must also take into account the special characteristics of drugs and carry out corresponding designs.



Pharmaceutical packaging must meet standardization requirements


Package box that meets the standardization requirements is conducive to ensuring the quality of medicines. It is convenient for medicines to be transported, loaded and unloaded, and stored. It is easy to identify and measure, and it is good for mechanized loading and unloading in modern ports. It is also better for reducing the cost of packing, transportation, and storage.


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Comply with Specific Requirements for Different Drugs


There are some specific requirements for pharmaceutical packaging:

1. Pharmaceutical packaging box (including transportation packaging) must be sealed or used with anti-theft caps, bottle caps, and so on.


2. Drug labels must be affixed firmly and correctly affixed, and must not be mixed with drugs and placed in bottles. Any damaged seals, labels, packaging containers, etc. must not be shipped or sold.


3. Specified marks must be printed on the labels of special management medicines, over-the-counter medicines and external medicines.


4. For imported drugs sold in China, instructions for use in Chinese must be attached. All western medicine preparations using the trade name must be marked with the legal common name in the brackets below the trade name.


5. Pharmaceutical packaging box and labels must be printed in accordance with the requirements set by the State Drug Administration, and their text and graphics must not include any content without approval. Pharmaceutical packaging is divided into inner packaging and outer packaging. The contents of drug packaging box and labeling shall not exceed those specified in the drug labeling approved by the State Drug Administration.


6. Narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, medical toxic drugs, radioactive drugs and other specially managed drugs, external drugs, over-the-counter drugs must be marked with the required mark on their large packaging, medium packaging, minimum sales unit and label. Drugs with special requirements must be clearly marked on the packaging box and label.


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