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Drug packaging design: small improvement and big profit

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Drug packaging design: small improvement and big profit

Pharmaceutical packaging can usually be divided into inner packaging and outer packaging. Among them, the outer packaging mainly plays the role of display, description, storage, and transportation, and usually uses an easily opened hexahedron white cardboard box. Although this packaging box can save costs to the greatest extent, there is little possibility of change in the design of the packaging structure. However, for the outer packaging of oral liquid, injection, health care products and other drugs, due to its slightly complex structure, it is usually composed of two parts: the inner bracket and the outer box. So there is a large space for improvement in the structural design of the outer packaging, which can often achieve unexpected benefits through some small improvements.


drug packaging


Improvement of the Outer Package of Oral Liquid and Injection


1. Improvement of Inner Bracket

The internal support of oral liquid and injection is usually divided into plastic inner bracket and inserted card paper inner bracket. Among them, the plastic inner bracket is usually made of PE, PVC, PP, PET and other materials, which is convenient to use. However, at present, The separation and recycling of waste paper and plastic is not done well in China, and the plastic inner bracket is difficult to degrade naturally in the environment. The inner bracket of the inserted card paper needs to separate the oral liquid bottle and the injection bottle through the vertically and horizontally arranged inserting pieces. During the production, the inserting processing needs to be carried out, and the operation is slightly troublesome. Moreover, the compactness between the inserting pieces and the bottle is not very good, which will leave a certain gap, leading to the collision risk of the bottle in the box. In addition, the height of the inserting pieces is usually only slightly lower than the height of the outer box, which will cause some inconvenience when taking the medicine bottle.


In order to solve the above problems, the open card inner bracket came into being. The surface of the open card inner bracket will be punched with round holes according to the number of inner bottles, which is convenient for inserting medicine bottles and easy for folding the outer packaging box. And the height of the inner bracket of the card opening is less than half of the height of the oral liquid bottle or injection bottle, which can save more paper consumption than the inserted card inner bracket. The fixed effect of the open card inner bracket is obviously better than that of the insert card inner bracket, and there is enough space between the bottle and the bottle to avoid direct collision. The packaging materials of the inner bracket and the outer box are the same, making and recycling are more convenient and environmentally friendly.


2. Improvement of the Outer Box

In view of the cost, convenience and other problems, the external packaging of drugs often does not use a destructive structure, but uses a common open box structure. So most drugs take out of the external box, the external box will lose its function. But for drugs that can't be used up at a time, consumers hope that after the outer box is opened, it can be closed again to store the remaining drugs.


For this reason, we can consider the use of destructive packaging. However, the simple destructive packaging is not enough to meet the function of continuous storage of drugs, which requires the use of a combination of small inserting pieces and destructive packaging structure. This kind of packaging is designed with long side and short side at the bonding interface. The short side is inside, the long side is outside. Besides, the long side is with tooth line, there is slotting, and the short side is with small inserting piece. From the appearance of the medicine packaging box after forming, there is no difference between this kind of packaging and the ordinary destructive packaging. However, when the packaging box is opened along the destructive tooth line, the insert with the short side exposed can be inserted into the slotting of the remaining part of the long side, so as to ensure the perfect closure of the packaging box. Now many luxury custom gift boxes adopt this kind of packaging structure, which is not only practical and beautiful, but also convenient to store the unused products. It can also be used as a reference for drug outer box.


drug packaging


In general, pharmaceutical packaging has gradually bid farewell to the previous singular design, and has developed in a more diversified direction with lower costs, more flexibility, and more environmental protection. It is hoped that the above-mentioned packaging method can bring some inspiration to pharmaceutical packaging companies in the design of pharmaceutical packaging.


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