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Future Development Trend of Cosmetic Packaging Design

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Future Development Trend of Cosmetic Packaging Design

Development of Cosmetics Market and Its Packaging

With the rapid development of the national economy, cosmetics are no longer unattainable luxuries. Cosmetics, a fashionable consumer product, has gradually become the mainstream of people's life. More and more people begin to pursue fashion and beauty, thus driving the cosmetics sector market size continues to increase. In addition, with the development of electronic information, online cosmetics sales are also increasing year by year. As a result, the cosmetic packaging industry has stepped up from behind the scenes to take the lead. With the continuous growth of the scale of China's cosmetics industry, the following development trends of China's cosmetics outsourcing materials can be analyzed:


On basis of protection, transportation and convenience, packaging design of cosmetics should highlight its artistic, cultural and unique features so to maintain its infinite charm on this stage. Unique individual character images are more likely to get the favor of consumers, so the character of the brand culture becomes the key to success in the competition. Digging out the personality needs of young people, from the brand tonality, product packaging, community communication on the full range of expression, is the next cosmetics in packaging need to take an important step.


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The emphasis is on the integration of diverse areas. The current cosmetic packaging design pursues the unification of traditional culture, modern culture and world culture. It should absorb the essence of historical culture, infiltrate excellent traditional culture into modern art, and guide the public with elegant and excellent taste. In addition, with the rapid development of AI and other technologies, the cosmetics industry is also emerging a beauty intelligent revolution. Intelligent beauty makeup instruments and tools continue to emerge, cosmetic packaging design and material selection should follow the trend of The Times, constantly push new.


Attaches great importance to the taste of ascension. People pay more and more attention to cosmetic packaging design in addition to the value of cosmetics. A good design work can reflect a country, a nation's humanistic spirit and cultural outlook, but also can reflect its economic level and scientific and technological level, as well as the quality of the people.


Reflect the care of human nature. The concept of humanized design is the goal of human design world, full of humanized design will bring endless aftertaste to people, give people unparalleled visual experience, bring people warm feeling. Humanized design is also reflected in the deep concern for human and nature, which is the environmental protection awareness reflected in the time of commodity design. Cosmetics packaging design should be extended to this eternal topic, which is people's beautiful yearning for returning to nature and protecting nature. It is bound to become the mainstream of global cosmetic design.



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Plastic Bottles Will Become the Main Trend of Cosmetic Packaging in the Future


Cosmetic packaging market has always been dominated by glass, but the diversity and durability of plastic and other advantages make plastic more commonly used packaging materials, market demand is increasing. The main reason that plastic gets favor is that in a series of bath products, plastic has advantage compared to glass. The versatility of plastics supports the increasing diversity of products. Plastic bottles have small specific gravity, easy to be colored, strong plasticity, can be made into various shapes of bottles and low price, suitable for mass production.



Cosmetics enterprises in the product development market need to change thinking, weighing the pros and cons, production of environmental protection and design beauty of skin care products for consumers to choose.



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