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Green Packaging of Paper Gift Box is the Future Development Trend

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Saving natural resources and protecting ecological environment are the basic contents of sustainable development strategy. As an important part of social and economic activities, commodity packaging is bound to embark on the road of sustainable development——the development of green packaging. Paper gift box packaging as a new way of environmental protection packaging, in line with the development direction of green packaging, will be accepted by more people in the future.


Green packaging, also known as environment-friendly packaging, refers to the design of gift box packaging, which not only ensures the good performance, but also considers environmental protection factors. That is, packaging waste has no damage to the ecological environment. For a period of time, due to the neglect of the coordinated development of human and nature, a large number of packaging materials or packaging processes appeared. Besides, they are easy to cause the environmental pollution because of the frequent use by commodity packaging, which has brought serious harm to the ecological environment and human health. Such as the "white waste" caused by the use of non degradable plastics. Today, people are more and more deeply aware of the importance and necessity of green packaging.


China also attaches great importance to the development of green packaging. For example, many businesses began to use paper gift boxes that are environmentally friendly and easy to recycle as commodity packaging, which is not only conducive to environmental protection, but also popular with consumers. It can be predicted that green packaging will become the mainstream direction of packaging design in the future.


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Paper materials refer to paper packaging materials. Paper itself is made of natural plant fiber. The packaging material made of it naturally means that it is a green packaging material. Its recycling value is very high, and the technology is very mature. Among the four pillars of modern packaging printing paper, plastic, metal and glass materials, paper is growing the fastest and cheapest, with a wide range of raw materials, and easy to carry. It is not so easy to dissolve as plastic, so fragile as glass, and so heavy as metal. In addition, paper products are easy to decay, which can not only reuse recycled paper or make plant fertilizer, but also reduce air pollution and purify the environment. Compared with plastic, metal and glass, paper packaging is regarded as one of the most promising green packaging materials.


In the process of developing green packaging, we should pay attention to the following issues.

1) Recyclable, renewable or degradable packaging materials shall be selected as far as possible for the packaging design of commodities. For example, paper gift box packaging, whose main material is paper, is relatively easy to recycle.

2) Packaging materials or packaging technology shall not damage the ecological environment.

3) Packaging materials or packaging technology shall not damage human health.

4) Must fully understand the urgency and inevitability of green packaging.

Looking forward to the future, green packaging such as paper gift box may increase the cost of commodity packaging, but the development prospect of green packaging must not be ignored. The development and application of green packaging is not only a revolution of packaging materials and packaging technology, but also a revolution of the whole packaging industry. What's more, it is also a revolution of human survival and development.

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