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How to Choose the Cosmetics Packaging Boxes

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How to Choose the Cosmetics Packaging Boxes

With the rapid development of the economy, cosmetics have gradually become the mainstream products for people daily life. In the dazzling array of beautiful cosmetics exhibits in consumer market, unique cosmetic packaging is one of the important factors to attract consumers to buy cosmetics. Cosmetic packaging is a very convincing salesman. So, what kind of cosmetic packaging box is attractive for people to choose?



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Choose the Suitable Box for Yourself

Our company has made a variety of packaging boxes, so we have our own opinions on the packaging of different products. Whenever a customer asks about cosmetic packaging, the first thing to determine is the customer's product and its value. If the customer's product only sells for $20-40, it seems that 3-4 dollars for packaging is recognized. At this time, paper with a thin material can be considered. Of course, a pit box mainly used for transportation also can be used. As long as the design is unique, the packaging will be beautiful.


For cosmetic products worth more than $100, you can suggest different ideas about packaging. Thicker paper is a prerequisite, so we can suggest some unique packaging designs. The Heaven and Earth Box is an ordinary box type, of course, with perfect design and craftsmanship, it also will make people look forward to. According to customer requirements, book boxes, environmentally friendly kraft paper boxes, drawer boxes, display boxes also can be good choices.


The Packaging Box That Can Make Table Seems Neat

If your cosmetics are bottled, consider a high-grade eva or sponge holder. Each cosmetic has its own location and looks orderly. Besides, the price is not so outrageous.


Of course, if you choose an affordable shipping box. Lafite and copy paper are good choices for considering the safe transportability of the products. Maybe the product is not so neat, but the reasonable placement can make it look different from others.


Whatever it is sponge holder, lafite paper or copy paper, you can choose your favorite color and type according to your preference.


Design and Crafts

For cosmetic packaging with its own brand, logo is the best way for customers to know about your brand. In order to make the logo seem unique, we generally recommend different processes based on the characteristics of the customer logo. Bronzing is our more common process, it has various color for you to choose such as gold, silver, rose gold and so on. Of course, in addition to bronzing, we also have UV, slamming and other ways to make the logo outstanding.


cosmetic packaging

Bundle Sale

As we all known that one of the important things about doing business is the joint products rate. Therefore, in order to expand the joint products rate as much as possible, merchants from all over the world will try to bundle some similar or complementary products to sale together with their products. How to bundle products for sale? Deliberately creating a high-grade cosmetic packaging box to make it connected with each one of the products is a very good method. In a real life, we often see such bundles, especially facials and make-ups cosmetics, they use the book box as their main box. Then make a care kit for these series of related products. At the end, the cosmetics kits will be sold to the consumers. For example, our common facial hydration suits, whitening suits, eye shadow suits for make-up and so on are used by many large scale businesses to bundle sales. On the contrary, some lipsticks and shampoos, which are used to attract customers' eyes, are generally sufficient to operate with the most practical single-sided cardboard box.



Above all, the packaging you choose should suitable for your products, combined with their usages and transportation. Cost is also a fector need to be mentioned. Then you can design the unique packging box for your product.

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