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How to Design the Food Packaging Box

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How to Design the Food Packaging Box

Food packaging is an integral part of food products. It protects the food, prevents the damages caused by the biological, chemical and physical external factors during the circulation of the food from the factory to the consumer. It can also have the function of maintaining the stable quality of the food itself, which is convenient for food consumption. Therefore, greaseproof paper food packaging processes are also an integral part of food manufacturing system. But the versatility of the food packaging process makes it has a relatively independent self-system. Consequently, craft paper food packaging design is becoming more and more considerable.


A Funny Packaging Design

An interesting packaging is not just children’s patent, most of the adults also like interesting things. There are many mainstream design style that occupies the packaging of children's products, such as bright colors and different general shapes, which also can be used in the packaging design for adult products. We only should let them more refined. The industry that first incorporates the fun element in packaging design is the wine industry. You just need to take a moment to stroll through the local small shops and you will find many bottles with horses, penguins, kangaroos, frogs, swans and so on. Instead of preparing a penguin-shaped bottle, just printing a penguin on it is enough to make it stand out.


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The Process of Food Packaging Design

If it is a common food packaging, the process of food packaging design will be straightforward. After the customer arrives at the design company, he can first Pick these products that have already been designed. If the design can satisfy them, then they can immediately put the design into production. Of course, some customers require redesigning the packaging. Such an original design may need to go through a design cycle. Here is a brief introduction of the processes that may be involved in this design cycle.


The first step in craft paper food packaging design is the negotiation between the customer and the design company. The customer may provide the design company with a number of materials, some of which are the material information of the product, and company's corporate culture. These materials are selected by the designer at the time of design, some useful materials are processed through abstraction, and then the abstraction pattern information or text information is incorporated into the food package, which has already been formed. Besides, the preliminary design will be given to the customer for review. If the customer feels that it is feasible according to such design ideas, the next design can be continued. The design of some details of this luxury food packaging paper will be continuously improved. Finally the finished product of the design may be emerged. After the design is finished, it will be handed over to the customer for review again. The procedure will be sustained until the customer is satisfied. Therefore, the next step is the mass production of the designed food packaging.


The above is the general process of designing food packaging. In fact, most design companies are designed with such a process. Food packaging design is now a very mature field, and design companies can design different styles for customers. The craft paper food packaging can also incorporate the elements of the customer's company into the food packaging, such as the company's logo icon, promotional slogan and so on. In this way, the food packaging has become a channel for displaying corporate brands.

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