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How to Make the Food Packaging Box

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How to Make the Food Packaging Box

In the major supermarkets, we often see a variety of beautiful food packaging boxes. So do you know how these food boxes are made?


The Design of the Food Packaging Box

After the company receives the customers packaging order, the company can design a box layout pattern that meets the product characteristics, beautiful enough, and appealing to consumers according to the customer's requirements for the box.


Food packaging box

Copper Version Making

After determining the design of the box, it is necessary to make the copper version needed for the food packaging printing which according to some dimensions and colors of the artwork. How many roots are required is generally determined by the color of the package artwork. There are a few versions of how many colors are used. In special situation, several colors can also be combined on one version.


Layout Printing

What needs to be used is the food-grade printing ink and should add the raw material into the product. The single-layer plastic film is used for inside printing. (Inside printing is printed inside the film, and when it is compounded, it will be sandwiched between two layers. Besides, no color shedding phenomenon would appear in use).


Composite Product

Stick the printed film and the other plastic film of one or two layers are adhered together by a solvent. What should be mentioned is the composite product must be solid, free of solvent residues, and no foreign matters may be mixed in the compounding process. Such as some fine particles, flying insects, etc. . If foreign objects fly in, the packaging box cannot be used anymore. Besides, such packaging boxes are not allowed to enter the market. Because it will have a serious negative impact for the business.


Food packaging box

Curing and Cutting the Food Packaging

After compounding, we have to wait for the materials that are stuck together to solidify and cool down. Then, we need to cut off the excess material of the printed composite roll without affecting the appearance and cleanliness of the products.


Boxes Making

This is the last step in making food packaging, and it is also the most important part of product molding. In this process, it is necessary to ensure that the hot mouth is secure enough and the food packaging box produced cannot be leaked or easily torn. The box form is in the form of three-side seal, back seal, self-supporting, organ bag, zipper bag, etc., which should according to the original production plan and size to be finished.


Through the above steps, the entire food packaging box is completed. Finally, the manufacturer or the third party is required to carry out the test. Only the qualified food packaging boxes can be used in the market.


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