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How to add anti-counterfeiting functions to tags

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The importance of a tag to increase anti-counterfeiting

There will always be some speculators in the market, in the clothing, hats, shoes and other industries, through some forgery technology, to make products with exactly the same shape to flicker consumers and take high profits from them on the one hand, it directly affects the user experience, and on the other hand, it damages the reputation of the merchant. In order to combat this kind of behavior, in addition to the protection of national policies and people's supervision, I think that the "acts" of businesses are more important. Businesses have to come up with a way to discern the authenticity of the product so that speculators have no entrance. Among them, it is a good method to print an anti-counterfeiting function on a luxury paper card called "ID".



Ways to Add Anti-Counterfeiting Functions to Tags

First of all, enterprises should use modern information anti-counterfeiting technology to make an item correspond to a unique, random anti-counterfeit code, and enter this anti-counterfeit code into the query system in advance. After the consumer purchases the product, he can check the anti-counterfeit code to obtain the response of the server Information to verify authenticity. In addition, when designing the tag, the tag manufacturer is required to arrange this security code. In addition to this tag anti-counterfeiting technology, we can also use the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting and WeChat anti-counterfeiting that we usually use.
If consumers want to check the authenticity of the product through the anti-counterfeiting function printed on the tag, they must first go online and log in to the website to enter the 20-digit anti-counterfeiting code to know the authenticity. Then through text message query, send the 20-digit anti-counterfeiting code to the designated phone to know the authenticity. Then use the mobile phone QR code to trace back, and the smartphone can take a QR code to connect to the website to check the authenticity. Finally, the mobile phone is traced back online. The mobile phone cannot directly take a QR code to enter the website for authenticity inquiry. Through tag anti-counterfeiting technology, enterprises can win the best corporate reputation and image in the fierce market competition, while also protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.



Design of anti-counterfeiting tag

The anti-counterfeiting tag is specially produced based on special anti-counterfeit banknote paper (security line paper or watermark paper), combined with security graphic design, special printing (engraving gravure), and special ink (OVI light variable ink). In order to make the anti-counterfeiting tag more eye-catching, it is best to add tag paper cards and brown packaging printed paper. Here, the level of the printing industry is also relatively high. The eye-catching design of the anti-counterfeiting tag can also enhance the customer's defense awareness in a subtle way.

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