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How to design a perfect gift box

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How to design a perfect gift box

Packaging manufacturers will study consumer attitudes toward the box, they also will study consumer attitudes toward the products, with directly information understanding from the point of creation and thinking.


The packaging box is the most precious opportunity to communicate with consumers. Therefore, product packaging planning, design and the gift box production have been made from two levels for customing gift box. They will create the gift boxes for the main reason to attract consumer buy the products.



Buying Reasons Based on Consumer Considering


This level of creative appeal is how to organize symbols and information on the custom sliding rigid paper cardboard gift box to improve the sales communication efficiency of the packages. This is also an important way to reduce marketing costs through packaging design, which we called “Let the luxury paper cardboard gift box talk and sell itself”. In the previous packaging creative design, we have always emphasized and demanded that “use the shelf as an advertising space” and “use the packaging box as a poster”. Because the product is the biggest media of your company, the design will save you money and does not require additional advertising media.


gift box

Focus on the Overall Symbolism of Goods

The gift box is a symbol on the shelf. This means, at the first, you do not need to consider how to highlight information on the packaging, but how to highlight the product on the shelf. So we must pay attention to the overall symbolicity of the product packaging. For example, the packaging design of the Xingxiang sandwich box is not just a box with some colors, Xingxiang let the sandwich box as a triangle shape, which not only suit for the shape of the sandwich, but also suit for the shelf to let the product seems easy to be noticed. Besides, the triangle shape can have a good stability on the shelf, which can prevent the food avoid being knocked and fall down to the ground.


The Principles of designing a Gift Box


Highlight Products According to Competitive Environment

The purpose of exploring the competitive environment is to use differentiated design strategies in the festive atmosphere and similar products to highlight the product. Promote the brands and products, give consumers the reasons to choose this product. These strategies provide a clear and concise indication of the value proposition for each product. For example, the relative intensity of the shelf display effect of different products in a product line, can be reflected by the visual "strength" of different colors or the saturation of a certain color.


Create the Focus of Design Elements

For cosmetic packaging, the holiday element is very important, next is the product itself element. Cosmetic packaging designers want to combine these elements to do a series of product development. Shape the product image and brand image. It is also necessary to clarify what information does the product want to convey to consumers. Therefore, cosmetics packaging designers should consider what certain characteristics should be provided to the product. Then, the main information should highlight the product features on the most outstanding place, and the secondary information is arranged in order below it.

gift box


I believe if you understanding the above things, you will design a good gift packaging box.


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