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How to print self-adhesive labels?

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Self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels are a type of anti-counterfeiting labels. How is it printed and what are its advantages? This article tells you the answer.



Printing method of self-adhesive security label



The self-adhesive label is printed by letterpress printing, and the printing plate is a photosensitive resin letterpress. Professional self-adhesive printing machines mainly based on letterpress printing have the ability to print film labels. We replace some related parts, such as adding a tension control system controlled by a servo motor, and adding a film surface treatment unit.



The advantages of this type of printing process are simple machine structure, low cost, printing quality comparable to offset printing and gravure printing, and the advantage of thicker ink layers than offset printing products. Flexographic printing uses water-based inks and UV inks, which does not pollute the environment. Label printing plants without flexographic printing machines can introduce flexographic printing machines dedicated to sticker label printing, which are suitable for film label printing.


Offset printing

Offset printing is the main method for printing paper stickers in label printing factories in China. Offset printing is characterized by fine graphics and rich levels, suitable for large-volume printing, and the printing equipment can be used for multiple machines, which is suitable for the characteristics of the Chinese label market. Offset printing can print thicker plastic materials, such as in-mold labels, label tags.


paper stickers


Gravure printing uses short-ink inking system for ink supply and web printing. It has a high degree of automation. It uses solvent-based inks and the ink layer dries quickly. It is the first choice for film printing. Generally, the speed of the gravure printing machine is high, and the back end of many gravure printing machines is also equipped with a cylinder die cutting device, which can perform die cutting and creasing, and is suitable for printing of various labels.


Screen printing

Screen printing is the most versatile printing method for substrates. Screen printing labels are characterized by strong ink color and strong three-dimensional sense. UV products can be used to print film products. Most screen printing equipment is a semi-automatic flat screen printing machine, which can only print a single product.


Screen printing labels

Advantages of self-adhesive security labels

1.Products with self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels make consumers more assured;

2.The products are more graded, and products with self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels make consumers feel genuine;

3.Promote sales.For the same product, consumers will choose products with self-adhesive labels.

4.The price of each plastic anti-counterfeiting label is very low, saving business operating costs;

5.Self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels can do a lot of value-added services for products, such as anti-channeling, member points, prize promotions, etc .;

6. Anti-counterfeiting labels can well manage the market. Other functions can be added in the production of self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels. Not only simple anti-counterfeiting, such as adding logistics codes, information management of products, saving manpower investment.


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