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Patterns on Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

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Patterns on Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

In the customized cosmetic paper box and bottles, you will often see some marks, especially on some imported products. Most people don't pay attention to it seriously, and often ignore these marks. These marks are not printed on a random basis, each of them represents a certain meaning. Read these marks, and then, you will understand the characteristics of the products better. Here I have summarized some common marks to give you a reference.



Identification Barcode


A commodity barcode is an identifier consisting of a set of regularly arranged bars, spaces, and their corresponding characters. Which is used to indicate a symbol of a certain commodity information. Each numbers of the barcodes has a certain meaning. The general commodity barcode is generally composed of a prefix part, a manufacturer code, a commodity code, and a check code.

manufacture code

The prefix code in the product barcode is the code used to identify the country or region. Besides, the assignment code is in the International Article Numbering Association. The manufacturer code is assigned to the article coding organization in each country or region. And then China gives the manufacturer code by the National Article Numbering Center. The commodity code is the code used to identify the product, and the code is exercised by the product manufacturer itself. The product barcode is finally verified with 1-digit check code to verify the correctness of the 1-12 digit code from the left of the product barcode.

Therefore, we can easily know the actual origin of this product based on the barcode, and will not be deceived by the merchant.

Some country codes are as follows:

Americas: 00-13 United States, Canada.

Europe: 30-37 France, 400-440 Germany, 50 UK, 80-83 Italy, 84 Spain.

Asia: 45-49 Japan, 690-693 China, 471 Taiwan, 489 Hong Kong, 880 Korea, 885 Thailand, 890 India, 899 Indonesia.

Australia: 94 New Zealand, 93 Australia.


Organic Certification Mark

In foreign countries, some cosmetics, in order to emphasize the green, natural and non-polluting properties, will obtain organic certification. However, there is no unified "organic certification group" in the world. Each continent and even some countries have their own organic certification system. There are more than one organic certification group logo in each country. Besides the organic content of cosmetics in each country also have differences.


In China, the concept of organic cosmetics has been squandered by merchants, but there is no substantial product to support. The concept of the operation is easy to mislead consumers. Later, the Food and Drug Administration prohibited cosmetics companies for using the word “organic”. Therefore, it is illegal to use “organic” to propagate kit boxes for cosmetics paper in China.


cosmetic packaging

The "e" on the Cosmetic Packaging Box

In some imported cosmetics, “e” often appears on the cosmetic 1g jar paper box, such as: 20ml e 0.67 FL OZ, 150ml e. The “e” means the meaning that the cosmetics can not avoid  deviation when filling with it. For example, if the weight is marked on the package as 100ml, its real weight may be a bit more or less than the marked weight. So this mark will be added to indicate that 100ml is an estimate amount, not an absolute amount. The “e” indicates the initials of the estimate. The “e” standard specifies that the total weight of goods less than 50g (ml) allows the actual error to be within 9% (including 9%). For goods with a total nominal weight higher than 1 kg, the actual error is allowed to be within 1.5% (including 1.5%).


There are more marks on the cosmetics packaging box that I don't mentioned. Some of them can help us avoid buying the fake production. So it will be better for you to have an understanding with them when you shopping on the internet.


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