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Production Processing and Quality Monitoring of Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

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With the rapid development of China economy, cosmetics is no longer an unattainable luxury, and it is becoming the mainstream fashion goods in people's daily life. Especially in the past 15 years, the cosmetics industry has developed rapidly. In order to attract consumers' attention better and strengthen the competitiveness of their products cosmetic, packaging has become one of the important parts in cosmetics manufacturers. Because wise custom cosmetic packaging know that packaging is the most effective way to improve the value of cosmetics. In addition to the original functions of protection and storage, cosmetic packaging is also increasingly focused on attracting attention from the terminal market through stylish graphic design and special structural matching. Today I will mainly talk about the production processing and quality monitoring of best makeup subscription box.


The Features of Quality Monitoring pf Cosmetic Packaging Boxes


Compared with the outer packaging of ordinary products, the production processing and quality monitoring of cosmetic packaging cartons have the following characteristics.


(1)  There are many special processes and materials used in packaging. A single special paper or material is easier to process, but some cosmetic packaging cartons will use PVC, PET, fabric, and other materials in addition to cardboard. This requires detailed testing of various materials and their processing processes before mass production to meet the design requirements, while ensuring smooth production process and product quality.

cosmetic packaging box

(2)  The content of harmful substances in the materials used for cosmetics packaging (including main materials and auxiliary materials) is relatively strict, ans it at least should be in accordance with ROSH certification requirements. Besides, the content of harmful substances not specified in the ROSH certification must also comply with the relevant national standards, especially to ensure that the cosmetic packaging carton does not have any odor, so as to avoid affecting the quality of the cosmetics themselves.


(3)  The outer packaging of cosmetics is the embodiment of the cosmetics brand, and has a certain advertising role. Usually, cosmetics manufacturers have very strict quality requirements for cosmetic packaging, and the requirements for printing color difference, dirty spots, wrinkles, gaps, etc. are relatively high.

Precautions in Printing Process

In order to pursue better results, cosmetic packaging cartons often use gold card paper, silver card paper or other special paper (such as pearl paper) for printing. The printing suitability and color control of the printing materials require special attention. Before printing gold and silver cardboard, it is necessary to check whether the cause value meets the printing requirements. If the caues value is higher than the standards, consider corona treatment or switch to other batches of papers.


Cosmetic packaging cartons are often printed in spot colors such as black, dark blue, real gold, and real silver. When printing a certain spot color, it is recommended to use 2 or 3 spot colors to achieve. For example, to reproduce a spot color of black, you can use 2 to 3 different blacks for printing to achieve better results. In addition, when performing spot color printing, it is necessary to manage the formulation of the spot color ink so that the chromatic aberration can be reduced when printing is repeated in many times. For large-area field printing, it is also necessary to reduce the amount of powder sprayed, so that it won’t affect the subsequent filming, UV glazing and other processes.


Above all, we should pay attention to the printing processes and monitoring, because they can help us produce the cosmetics better.

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