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The Design Principle of the Cosmetic Box Inner Tray

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The Design Principle of the Cosmetic Box Inner Tray

In our daily life, we often see the application of the cosmetic box inner tray, which plays a fixed commodity role. The applicable industry of the cosmetic box inner tray is also very wide. Not only the cosmetics industry will use it, but also mooncakes and wine boxes, which basically want to express their own grades. In the process of customizing cartons, they will design a folding cosmetics packaging paper box inner tray to load things. So how do we design the cosmetic box inner tray for our own products?



The Material of the Cosmetic Box Inner Tray


(1) EVA foam is a newly developed packaging material. Due to the significance given by the times, it has very strong seismic resistance. Besides, it can isolate heat and prevent the excellent characteristics of moist water vapor. What’s more, its produce process is very environmental, so that it does not have toxicity, become the most commonly used materials at this time.


(2)  EPE is made up of numerous independent bubbles produced by the foaming of polyethylene grease. It has very good plasticity. It is similar in characteristics to EVA foam, but it is very difficult to recycle and degrade after it is produced. Which is easy to cause the white pollution. Therefore, under the trend of environmental protection, it is gradually being eliminated.


(3)  Paper jam, is a special material between the paper and cardboard. Its price is cheap, but for the paper strength is not enough to support the large type of the cosmetics, it is easy to happen that the products cannot be supported by the box.

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(4)  Blister card is a kind of material produced by heating a flat plastic plate and then forming it by vacuum cooling. It is light, environmental friendly and has good sealing performance. It is also a raw material that is often used in the packaging industry.


(5)  Corrugated paper is a plate made of corrugated paper. Besides, it is processed through the corrugated stick to become a waveform and sticked by corrugated paper bonded plate. It has the characteristics of anti-buffering, firmness, low cost and reusability.


From the perspective of anti-vibration and decompression, EVA inner tray is the preferred lining material. From the perspective of energy saving and material reduction, paper support is the most cost-effective material. For cosmetic kits, blistering is also a type that can not be ignored. Because it can accommodate a whole set of cosmetics, including facial cleanser, water, milk, cream, essence and so on.



Design Principles

1.    Easy to be taken out or put in.

It is the most important principle when we design the cosmetic box inner tray. Because if the cosmetic in the box is not easy to be taken out, it will give consumers the impression of the service with a low level. What's more, when consumers taken out the cosmetics is in trouble, they may use the extreme measures to take the cosmetics out, which may let the cosmetics in the box get damaged. Even some of them may broke and can not be used anymore. So the inner tray of the holographic paper box packaging cosmetic should design to let the cosmetics easy to be taken out or put in.

2.    Should be firm enough.

The purpose of the box is not only to protect the goods, but also to play other additional functions, such as promoting the product. The cosmetics box inner tray is an important support platform for presenting cosmetics to customers. Cosmetic inner tray can improve the integrity and stability of individual or mixed storage for single or multiple cosmetics. It can avoid the phenomenon of bumps and breaks during the cosmetics transportation. Therefore, the products can be presented to the customer in a high quality state. What’s more, the product image can be improved.

3.    Slotted reasonably.

Since the color make-up is not a single activity that can be completed with only one product. They are usually composed of a series of product lines. This requires us to arrange and combine the products according to their respective characteristics to ensure the overall aesthetics.

Above all, the inner tray of the cosmetic paper box packaging plays an important role in transform the cosmetics. Besides, with a good design, it also can promote the sale of the cosmetics. So when we design the inner tray of the cosmetic box, we should pay attention to the priciples which are mentioned above.

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The "e" on the Cosmetic Packaging Box

In some imported cosmetics, “e” often appears on the outer packaging box, such as: 20ml e 0.67 FL OZ, 150ml e. The “e” means the meaning that the cosmetics can not avoid  deviation when filling with it. For example, if the weight is marked on the package as 100ml, its real weight may be a bit more or less than the marked weight. So this mark will be added to indicate that 100ml is an estimate amount, not an absolute amount. The “e” indicates the initials of the estimate. The “e” standard specifies that the total weight of goods less than 50g (ml) allows the actual error to be within 9% (including 9%). For goods with a total nominal weight higher than 1 kg, the actual error is allowed to be within 1.5% (including 1.5%).


There are more marks on the cosmetics packaging box that I don't mentioned. Some of them can help us avoid buying the fake production. So it will be better for you to have an understanding with them when you shopping on the internet.


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