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The Importances of Cosmetic Packaging Box (I)

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The Importances of Cosmetic Packaging Box (I)

Cosmetics are non-living necessities, but its mission of beautifying life has made it becomes a big consumer market with enormous business opportunities which cannot be ignored. Various skin care concepts are emerging one after another, and the packaging of the brands also become various. Many products not only are sold based on its founctions, but also are sold with fashion and culture.


The “fashion” and “culturality” of cosmetics are the usually what we called taste. How to reflect the taste of cosmetics, in addition to product advertising and product counter display, packaging is an extremely important link. Decent packaging can not only directly stimulate the consumer's senses, but also express the brand's taste to the fullest.


Therefore, packaging as a product outcoat should not only have the functions of holding and protecting, but also should have the function of attracting purchase and guiding consumption.


cosmetic box

The Psychological Price of Cosmetics

The psychological value of cosmetics has a great effect. The same 4g lipstick, some famous brand lipstick prices need to pay several hundred yuan, while some domestic brand lipsticks prices are tens or even lower. With the composition of products is similar, under the same circumstances, why is it so disparity? This includes the psychological value brought by the potential factors such as the appearance of the product itself, packaging and decoration, trademark name, corporate image and so on.


Consumer Purchase Behavior

Advertising costs of cosmetics companies typically spend between 10% and 20% of their sales, some as high as 25% or even 30%. But it is impossible for manufacturers to advertise each of their products. Therefore, the packaging of goods becomes a very convincing salesman. From the perspective of consumer psychology, the process of consumer purchase behavior has the following forms:

(1) AI DMA rule: Attract consumers’ attention - Generate needs- Strengthen memory- Lead to action


(2) AI DCA rule: Attract consumers’ attention - Feel interested - Generate purchase desire- Determined to buy- Make a purchase


(3) AI DAS rule: Attract consumers’ attention - Generate purchase desire- Make a purchase- Satisfied with the products


These forms of expression have one thing in common, that is, only the cosmetics themselves have the necessity of attracting the attention of consumers, and a series of behaviors will occur in the future. According to the research on human eye movements, people respond to color is the fastest. The power of the packaging depends on how to blend and contrast, making the products outstanding in the store, but soft and not glaring after buying back home. When the consumer is attracted by the advertisement and go to the cosmetics display rack, if the outer packaging or terminal image of the product itself cannot attract consumers’ interests, the packaging design will be defined as failed.


cosmetic box

According to the consumers purchase behavior, we can find the cosmetic packaging box plays an important role in its sales. So we should design the cosmetics packaging boxes as an outstanding and unique surface. Otherwise, they can not attract consumers and will influence the sale amoumt.


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