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The Importances of Cosmetic Packaging Box (Ⅱ)

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The Importances of Cosmetic Packaging Box

Cosmetics are non-living necessities, but its mission of beautifying life has made it becomes a big consumer market with enormous business opportunities which cannot be ignored. Various skin care concepts are emerging one after another, and the packaging of the brands also become various. Many products not only are sold based on its founctions, but also are sold with fashion and culture.


The“fashion”and“culturality”of cosmetics are the usually what we called taste. How to reflect the taste of cosmetics, in addition to product advertising and product counter display, packaging is an extremely important link. Decent packaging can not only directly stimulate the consumer's senses, but also express the brand's taste to the fullest.


Therefore, packaging as a product outcoat should not only have the functions of holding and protecting, but also should have the function of attracting purchase and guiding consumption.


cosmetic packaging

Cosmetic Packaging Marketing Strategy


Consumers have different shopping psychology activities and roles due to differences in age, gender, occupation, culture, and economic level. For example, mature consumers, working-class, housewives, and low economic income members are mostly demand-seeking group. For the teenagers, intellectual class and the better economics mostly concerned about the product's artistry. The white-collar workers and the extroverts are more concerned about products’ excellent advantages. Therefore, different packaging design strategies should be selected based on the target consumer group of product positioning.


Nowadays, the packaging marketing strategies commonly used by cosmetics companies mainly include the following:

1. Series packaging systems. In the same product or brand produced by the company, the same pattern and color are used to remind the customer that this is our brand's family. This type of packaging is currently very common. For example, one of Hong Kong’s companies which is produced about biochemical plant series, in order to reflect its product theme of returning to nature, uses a light green series of packaging. Which also is including light green frosted glass bottles and the same color hose. It gives a fresh visual effect for the consumers.

2. Combination packaging. That is, combine the products for related purposes which are concentrated in one large box or bag and sold at the same time. For example, many functional product box kits include cleansing milk, horny gel, massage cream, mask, nutrient water, nutrient cream, etc.. Which has the advantage of facilitating the purchase of customers. What's more, it let the products become more affordable than buying a single piece.

cosmetic packaging

3. Multi-purpose packaging. This means after the product is used up, its packaging does not need to be discarded, and it will be used for other purposes. For example, several toothbrushes are placed on the toothbrush holder, and the soap is placed in the soap box. The toothbrush holder and soap box can be reused. At present, the most commonly used are the packages of gifts, solicitation packaging, and the positioning packaging.

From the color and form of the package, yellow and triangle are easy to attract people's attention. But this does not mean that people will like it. When customers go to the store or supermarket, they will see many noticeable packages which are printed with the "latest formula" or "buy a few to send a few". In fact, these words are not part of the basic packaging of this product, which is called "Abnormal action" in the industry. The purpose is to give consumers purchase references.

Therefore, in the marketing behavior of modern cosmetics, the packaging of cosmetics is its silent advertisement. It can play an important role in purchasing.

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