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The Main Applications of The Food Packaging

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The Main Applications of The Food Packaging

Food packaging is an integral part of food products. Food packaging and monthly paper boxes food from around the world can protect food, prevent the damages of biological, chemical and physical external factors during the circulation of food from the factory to the consumer. It also have the function of maintaining the stable quality of the food itself. It not only can let the food easy to be eaten, through expressing the appearance of food, it will  attract people and support them buy it, which let the food packaing has the value more important than the material cost.


 Food packaging box

Protect Food And Extend The Shelf Life of Food

1. Protecting the appearance quality of foods to produce certain economic benefits.


Foods are transported, handled, transported and stored throughout the circulation process, which may cause damages to the appearance quality of food. After the food is packaged inside and outside, the food can get a well protection from damages.


2. Protecting the original quality of food and extending its shelf life.

The quality of food will change and deteriorate throughout the process circulation.


The food has certain nutrients and moisture of itself, which is the basic condition for the production and reproduction of bacteria, mildew, yeast, etc. When the temperature of food preservation is suitable for their reproduction, the food will spoil and deteriorate. If the food is aseptically packaged or packaged with an high temperature sterilization, it will prevent food spoilage which also can prolong the shelf life of the food.


At the same time, the food itself has a certain amount of water. When the content of the water changes, it will cause changes or deterioration of the flavor of the food. At this time, if the corresponding moisture-proof packaging technology is adopted for the food, it can avoid the above phenomenon and the shelf life of the food will be totally effectively extended.


In addition, when food is in process circulation, it is easy to oxidize because it is exposed to the direct sunlight with high temperature. Then the food will discolor and change the odor. At this time, if we use the packaging technology such as corresponding vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging and other technologies with corresponding packaging materials, it can effectively extend the shelf life of packaged foods.


Food packaging box

Be Convenient For Circulation

When people transform the food, it will be easy to get damages because of the shocks. Then a good packaging with food such as paper box packaging or bottle packaging, can make the transformation become easily. What’s more, some areas are not allowed to transform the food without packaging. So the food grade paper packaging also can promote the food process circulation. Besides, healthy snack delivery box can avoid the direct touch of hands and prevent the food from being contaminated. Which is helpful for human’s health.


Many companies need to print decorative patterns or the word text on the packaging to make the product more attractive or more illustrative. Good packaging enables products can establish a high-quality image, improve product competitiveness, and promote product sales. It can effectively increase the propaganda of enterprises. Besides, it also can increase the influence of enterprises.

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