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The influence of drug packaging materials on drug quality

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The influence of drug packaging materials on drug quality

Medicine is an important good for curing diseases and saving people, so it is necessary to strengthen the quality inspection of medicine. The quality of medicine is not only related to the treatment effect, but also endangers people's life when it is serious. Therefore, the quality of medicine should be strictly controlled. For drug quality control, in addition to the quality of the drug itself, the most important thing is the packaging that directly contacts with the drug. Some drugs are sensitive to temperature, humidity, and odor in the external environment. Once a physical or chemical reaction occurs with the drug itself, it will affect the performance of the drug. Therefore, strict control must be carried out on pharmaceutical packaging materials, and strict control must be made in terms of strength, toughness, tightness, stability to minimize the impact on the quality of pharmaceuticals.



Environment and Process for Pharmaceutical Packaging Operations


In order to ensure the quality of pharmaceutical packaging, there are strict requirements for the operating environment and process of packaging. Because drugs are easily affected by moisture, air, and microorganisms, the size and content of particles in the air must be strictly controlled in the packaging environment to ensure the tightness and sterility of drug packaging. The environment of the packaging must be tested regularly. If the air quality and humidity exceed the standard, it must be adjusted in time to prevent the medicine from agglomeration or mildew due to moisture absorption, which seriously affects the quality and efficacy of the medicine. In the process of packaging, we must strengthen quality testing, ensure the level of packaging technology. In the process of packaging, we need to have a detailed understanding of the characteristics of packaging materials. For example, whether the change of temperature and pressure will affect the packing and so on. If cracks or breaks are found, we must replace the packaging in time to avoid the contamination caused by drugs contacting the air or microorganism. In addition, the management of the operators should be strengthened. They must wear standard work clothes, have safety awareness, and operate in strict accordance with the requirements of the specifications to ensure the quality of drug packaging.


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Materials and Stability of Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials


The packaging materials that directly contact with drugs should be safe, non-toxic and stable in nature. This requires that packaging materials not only have no toxic effect on human body, but also have no interaction with drugs, and can not produce any harmful ingredients. During the storage and use of drugs, the packaging materials that directly contact with drugs shall not react with the drugs they contact, decompose or absorb the drug ingredients, or accelerate the degradation of drugs, resulting in the decrease of the content of effective ingredients of drugs, or even the formation of harmful degradation products, which may resulte in toxic and side effects. At the same time, the drug packaging materials should be stable for a long time. Because if it is easy to be dissolved by drugs, it may remain on the surface of drugs and affect the quality of drugs, which makes drugs invalid or even producing toxic substances.



According to the Characteristics, Texture and Storage Requirements of Drugs


The pharmaceutical companies should choose the packaging materials and forms of pharmaceuticals according to the characteristics and texture of their pharmaceuticals, in order to meet the special requirements of the storage of the pharmaceuticals themselves, and to ensure that the properties and efficacy of the pharmaceuticals will not change during the validity period. There are many kinds of drug packaging boxes. Generally speaking, most tablets and capsules can be packaged in blister packs. Some drugs with larger dosage forms, light sensitivity, strong hygroscopicity and long shelf life can be packaged in strips. Double aluminum packaging has good moisture resistance properties, air-tightness and light-shielding properties, mainly used for the packaging of solid medicines that require sealing or light-shielding. Folding cardboard drug packaging is a commonly used soft packaging form of medicines, generally like tablets, powders, granules, pills, powders and so on. External ointments can usually be inner-coated aluminum tubes, plastic tubes or composite tubes.


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The quality of pharmaceutical packaging materials directly affects the quality of pharmaceuticals. Therefore, the stability, tightness, and moisture resistance of packaging materials must be strictly controlled and matched with the characteristics of the pharmaceuticals to ensure the drug's efficacy. Improper selection of packaging materials or violation of procedures during operation will have an impact on the drug's efficacy. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of medicines, it is necessary to strengthen the supervision and management of the pharmaceutical packaging industry and printing industry, improve the level of packaging, and lay a solid foundation for ensuring the quality and safety of medicines.


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