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The reasons about why paper gift boxes are so widely used by people

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The reasons about why paper gift boxes are so widely used by people

There are many types of gift box materials, such as paper, wood, plastic, metal, glass and so on. In these types of material, the paper is the most widely used by people. Why paper become the best choice for us to make the paper gift packaging designs printing folding box

Process Diversity


A variety of process technologies can be applied to the paper to create unique visual effects, such as bronzing, UV printing, glazing, embossing, printing and so on. However, the application process of many materials such as glass and metal is very limited, which only has a few processes such as cutting. So that it will let the products be looked with a very normal surface.


gift box

Diversity of Visual Effects

There are many kinds of papers, so the selection is very wide for us to choose the favorite one. For example, there are white cardboard, kraft paper, coated paper, art paper, and so on. Besides, the types of the art paper can be divided to many sorts. Other types of paper packaging materials such as white cardboard, kraft paper and so on only can provide a single normal visual effect. But the diverse art paper can present a rich visual effect. For example, the surface of the leatherette paper is similar to the leather texture, and there is bright and shiny on the surface with a good touch sense. After the touch paper brushing the oil, it will be touched with a smooth and delicate sense. With the advancement of modern technology, paper can even make the visual sense of wood and metal. What's more, the cost is greatly reduced compared with real wood and metal.


High Safety Factor

Compared with glass, metal and other materials of gift boxes, paper gift boxes are much safer. In fact, paper products have problems in deforming or getting wet. However glass, metal and other materials are easy to get broken, and their remains are easy to hurt other people especially children. If we use the paper material for cardboard sliding gift packaging paper drawer box, we do not have to be worried about gravity impact influences, which may hurt young and innocent, greatly reducing the danger coefficient. At the same time, the paper is lighter and only need a small footprint, which can reduce the part of the long-distance transportation costs.

gift box


The design image space of the paper gift box is also very large. Because it is not limited to a certain fixed shape. You can design it in any shape for you like if you have the enough good ideas. Only you consider the ideas for how to design the shape of the gift box, then the shape will become unique and unforgettable to the consumers. Which can help the products promote in a good impression.


Above all, the reasons about why we choose the paper material for recycled collapsible paper baby gift box, because of its process diversity and diversity of visual effects. These in the consider factors for consumers when they custom the gift boxes. With these features, the paper gift box can easily get the heart of consumers to attract them buy it.


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