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The text and graphics on the card should bring the audience into the atmosphere

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The Reason Why the Text And Patterns on the Card Should Bring the Audience Into the Atmosphere

Many people may think that a literacy book or folding cardboard for preschool children should be practical and understandable. Therefore, most literacy books seen in China are accompanied by simple and rough photos or rough and rough illustrations. But children's open aesthetics are different from adults whose minds have solidified. As we often say, children are a blank piece of paper for box. If they are always instilled with ordinary and non-nutritive content, it will easily lead to the unity, limitation and aesthetic impact of children's knowledge. Therefore, when parents buy books for their children, they not only have to consider practicality, it is best to think further about whether its diversity are sufficient. The art picture literacy card combines practicality and art, so that the baby can develop his aesthetic ability while knowing things and learning English words.


the Card

Ways to Bring the Audience Into the Atmosphere.

Word recognition is composed of concise and generous uppercase and lowercase letters, which are not mixed with any patterns or pictures. In fact, many cards or cognitive toys on the market will add some patterns or animal images to the letters, but this way children may confuse the patterns with the lowercase letters. For example, an apple is drawn next to the A letter, the baby is likely to remember the mixed pattern of apple and A in the process of cognition,and when we masked the pattern, he could not distinguish the letters. If you use the most concise way of writing, A is the original appearance and font. When a child remembers a letter, no matter where it is placed, he can distinguish it, instead of distinguishing the letters by patterns. This is the most direct and efficient way.



In addition to the content of the product, the child's aesthetics can also be cultivated through the packaging of the product. Children generally like bright and cute colors, so the packaging bag is best designed to be colorful, and cute cartoon characters can be printed on the printed with logo paper packaging box, so it will surely catch the child's attention quickly. Children prefer tearing things, so it is best to choose cloth when choosing take away paper food packages. The cloth packaging materials are not easy to be damaged, and they can be washed clean when they are dirty, which is more hygienic. In addition, if you want to choose a healthier packaging material, you can also choose a custom shipping boxes. The cute pattern printed on the paper bag has become the favorite of children.

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