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Types of Postcards and How to Make Them

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Types of Postcards

1. Classified according to the purpose of distribution and the mode of postal transportation, the coverage is large and scientific. Postcard collectors collect and organize according to this method, and the compilation of postcard catalogues also determines the style accordingly. According to this classification, there are: commemorative postage films, special postage films, New Year postage films, tourism postage films, Christmas postage films, donated postage films, military postcards, ordinary postage films, air postage films, pipeline postage films, special postage films and many more. Among them, there are a variety of special postcards, such as postage films such as Hope Project, Consulting, Medical Treatment, and Echo Card issued by China; foreign countries have special government agencies, business, parcels, address changes, job introductions, postal savings, and distribution. Product-specific postage films, etc.


2. Classified by design. The design of postcards attracts the most attention and can arouse the interest of collectors at all levels. Such as art postcards, volume postcards, advertising postcards; non-paper postage films, such as plastic pressed stereo postcards, wooden postcards, and so on.

wooden postcards

3. According to the postage effect on the postcard, there are local postage films, foreign postage films, international aviation, stamping and revaluation, exemption, postage paid, postage stamps for sale and so on.


Ways to Make Them

1. Choose what you need to make a postcard photo.

2. Make the front of a postcard. Create a blank image of A3 size and format these photos according to the size of A3. The pixels of the photo and the newly created A3 layer are 300dpi.

3. Make the back of a postcard. Follow the same method to typeset the designed "back of postcard". The size of the back and the distance between the blanks must be consistent with the front. If you don't design the back, you can.

4. Choose a paper over 250G. This kind of paper is relatively thick and is not easily broken during mailing. It is suitable for use as a paper card for postcards. Different paper cards can also be designed with different postcard styles. Both coated paper and matte paper are available, and these two types of printed paper are the most popular among consumers. Approximately 300 to 200g of paper can be selected. Paper cards are divided into two types: copperplate and matte. The coated paper is brighter and the matte paper is darker.

matte paper

5. If you are printing a small number of postcards, it is recommended to go to a graphic shop. The printing cost of the printing plant is too high, and the printing plant generally does not accept small batch printing. If it is a large quantity, you can go to the printing factory to ask the price, because the effect of printing is indeed much better than that of graphic shops. In addition, you can choose digital printing.

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