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What Is Eco Bag

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White Pollution

Plastic shopping bags are consumables in our daily life. China consumes a lot of plastic shopping bags for packaging every year. While plastic shopping bags provide convenience for consumers, they also cause serious waste of energy resources and environmental pollution due to excessive use and inadequate recycling. In particular, ultra-thin plastic shopping bags are easy to be damaged; most of them are discarded at will, and become the main source of "white pollution". And it is so hard to get restored permanently.

paper bag

Restriction for Plastic Shopping Bags


More and more countries and regions have restricted the production, sale and use of plastic shopping bags. In order to implement the scientific concept of development and build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, effective measures should be taken at the source to urge enterprises to produce durable and easy to recycle paper shopping bags, guide and encourage the masses to use plastic shopping bags reasonably, promote the comprehensive utilization of resources, protect the living environment, and further promote the work of energy conservation and emission reduction. And this big issue is happening every day in food packing industries.


Eco bags


The so-called eco bag generally refers to the bag, whose material can be naturally degraded, and the degradation time will not be too long, at the same time, it can also be reused for many times, we can call it eco bag. Eco bags should be defined in two aspects: on the one hand, it refers to the reusable nature made of natural materials; on the other hand, it refers to the fact that the damaged bags will not leave solid waste in the natural environment, causing harm to the environment (or the harm to the environment is relatively small compared with other materials). And this kind of packaging material is also can be applied into custom paper box printing industry.


General plastic bags are difficult to degrade after being discarded in the environment. Even if a small part of them decomposes, harmful substances will be produced. Eco bags can avoid such environmental pollution. BOD5 refers to a comprehensive index indicating the content of aerobic substances such as organic compounds in water. When the organic matter contained in the water contacts with the air, it will decompose due to the action of aerobic microorganism, and the oxygen consumed in the process of making it inorganic or gaseous is called biochemical oxygen demand. It is determined by adding microorganism and oxygen saturated water which can decompose organic matter to the measured water sample, after a specified number of days of reaction at a certain temperature such as 20 ℃, and then according to the reduction of oxygen in the water.


eco bags

Application for Eco bags


More and more company put their energy into the eco bags industry for the greener earth. And it becomes more common to meet the news that the eco bags such as paper bag is applied to the packing bag industry as packaging material for printing industry and best monthly food spaper boxes and so on.


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