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What Should be Mentioned When We Make Food Packaging Box

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What Should be Mentioned When We Make Food Packaging Box

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to food safety and health issues. Paper sleeve food packaging has received more extensive attention as an important means to ensure food safety and hygiene. Food packaging should attach great importance to the following aspects:


Understand the Characteristics of the Food  and the Protective Conditions Required

Sensitive factors affecting the main components of food, especially nutrients such as fat, protein, and vitamins, other factors such as light, oxygen, temperature, microbes, and physical and mechanical mechanics, should be studied. Only by mastering the biological, chemical, and physical properties of the packaged food can we determine what packaging materials and packaging technology to use for packaging operations.


Food packaging box

Research the Packaging Properties and Conditions of Packaging Materials

There are many types of packaging materials and different properties. Therefore, only by understanding the packaging properties of various packaging materials and containers, can we choose not only to protect the flavor and quality of the food, but also to match the value of the goods due to the protection requirements of the packaged food. For example, foods that require high temperature sterilization should be made of high temperature resistant packaging materials, while low temperature chilled foods should be packaged with low temperature resistant materials.


Find out the Relevant Packaging Technology Methods

For a given food, in addition to the selection of suitable packaging and containers, the most appropriate packaging techniques should be selected. For example, for oxidizable foods, vacuum or air-filled packaging should be used for packaging.However, in order to meet the previous requirements, making use of specific packaging techniques is  necessary.The selection of packaging technology is closely related to the selection of packaging materials, and is also closely related to factors such as the market positioning of packaged foods.


Comprehend the Market Positioning of Goods and the Conditions of Circulation

The market positioning of the goods, the mode of transportation, the climatic and geographical conditions of the circulation area are factors that must be considered in the design of food packaging. The domestically sold goods and the products for export to different countries have different packaging and decoration requirements. Different transportation methods also have different protection requirements for packaging.


Food packaging box

Grasp the Impact of Packaging Overall Structure and Packaging Materials on Food

It should be known how the components such as additives in the packaging material influence the food, and the effects of the penetration and adsorption of certain components in the food into the packaging container on the quality of the food during the circulation.


Make Reasonable Packaging Structure Design and Decoration Design

According to the protective requirements required for food, it is expected that the packaging cost, packaging quantity and other conditions should be reasonably packaged, including the shape of the container, structural form, size, sealing method, and so on.


Be Aware of the Packaging Test Method

Qualified products must have qualified packaging. Besides testing the product itself,  before entering the circulation field,we must examine the packaging. There are a lot of packaging inspection items, but not every package has tested. What tests are required for specific packaging are usually based on the characteristics of the food packaged and its sensitive factors.

Master Packaging Standards and Regulations

Packaging operations should strictly comply with national standards and regulations, and export products should also abide by relevant standards and regulations of the importing country.



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