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What are the Process Steps of Making Cosmetic Packaging Boxes?

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What are the Process Steps of Making Cosmetic Packaging Boxes?

Carton is an important form of cosmetic packaging. For the carton processing enterprises, the centralized processing degree of the cosmetic carton is not very high. Besides, the threshold set to the carton processing enterprise is not very serious, and most carton processing enterprises can make and produce. However, the professional companies which produce the cosmetics packaging box are not as many as we think. Additionally, the output of the company may not at a large amount and the reputation is not very famous.


Although the characteristics of cosmetic carton processing enterprises are not very obvious, the major cosmetics companies still have their unique characteristics. Therefore, in order to make cosmetic carton well, we must first understand the characteristics and requirements of cosmetics industries.


cosmetic packaging bag




The same industry must have commonalities, and the famous cosmetics industries are no exception. The common features of the cosmetic carton are summarized below.


1.    Cosmetic carton is more elegant and stable in color design, which is also not garish. The surface of the carton often only needs to print 1 or 2 colors, and the printing difficulty degree is not very high. So the dependency of the cosmetic carton on the printing equipment is not very serious. The carton processing companies that not have much capital can also complete the processing of cosmetic cartons.


2.    The cosmetic carton has high requirements for the control of the ambient temperature and humidity. Therefore, the moisture content of the cosmetic carton, the starch content in the mold and glue, the content of some hazardous substances must be strictly controlled.

3.    Cosmetic cartons have higher requirements for post-press processing.

4.    The cosmetic cartons have a very strong execution ability for relevant standards and their implementation is very strict.


card paper packaging


Different cosmetic companies have different emphasis on their costom cosmetic carton box requirements, so their cosmetic cartons have their own characteristics. Which are mainly reflected in the chooses of the paper materials.


Some brands of cosmetics carton often use the paper material that is gold and silver paper. However, they are difficult to print, which need to use uv printing machine to ensure the high printing quality.


Besides, there are also some brands of the coston the cosmetic paper packaging boxes that are basically made of special papers. What’s more, it is not difficult to print. Therefore, it is not necessary to use uv printing presses. The ordinary printing machines also can guarantee the printing quality.

Others of the costomic packaging coston brands do not have the special requirements for the selection of the paper material for the cosmetics carton of some manufactures. Double powder paper and special paper both can be used in costoning packaging.


The Announcements

(1) Select a glue with a higher solid content, appropriately strengthen the bonding force of the glue. Then use a thinner glue layer to achieve a better bonding effect to reduce the phenomenon of overflowing glue.

(2)  Arranging skilled operators to carry out production operations, requiring their act with specification which should pass at once time. Because, it can reduce the rate of the carton being stopped during the production process.


(3) When proofing, it is necessary to measure the expansion ratio of the paper after absorbing the glue, so as to modify the relevant die according to the expansion ratio when the die-cut paper is cut. Therefore, it avoid the stretching deformation of the paper.

(4) Control the temperature and humidity in the workshop, and set the dehumidification link in each process to maintain a relatively constant humidity throughout the production line. Therefore, it can reduce the deformation of the paper.

I hope you can know how to produce the carton of the cosmetic packaging boxes according to this article


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