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What are the trends in cultural and creative labeling and packaging design?

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When we are building a brand, packaging is the first step in consumer visual perception. Packaging design is not just about making packaging mechanically, it must include visual packaging and psychological packaging, and it must be a dual visual and psychological identity of consumers. Let's take a look at the major trends in cultural  labeling and packaging design.



Innovation and rise of digital packaging printing

The development of digital packaging printing technology has created an unprecedented opportunity for brands to get closer and closer to consumers. Digital printing will no longer be used only for personal customization and limited customization of branded products, but will stand on the stage of the mainstream packaging market due to its economic benefits and short updates to the market.

In terms of packaging design, cultural and creative products must be in line with the current trend, make full use of the many dividends brought by technological advancements such as digital printing, update the design concept, and release the largest market energy of "creative + technology".


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Green and eco-friendly packaging

Although many packaging brands have made efforts in the environmental protection design of packaging, the development of green environmental protection and ecological packaging has great potential that has not been tapped. When the price of the product is equal to the quality of the product, environmental protection and reusability will become the determinants of consumer purchasing desire. Therefore, cultural and creative brands cannot underestimate the impact of this factor on their brand competitiveness and marketing strategy.


Streamlined packaging

Too much useless or false information can interfere with consumer judgment and affect purchase desires. Therefore, the outer packaging that allows consumers to clearly see the condition of the product, clean and concise, clearly marked key information, and organized labels can win consumers' favor and trust.

In the process of designing cultural and creative product packaging, the minimalist form often involves complex internal design. From the table to the inside, every detail requires the designer to try repeatedly.



Flexible packaging with strong plasticity

According to the survey, 32% of consumers regard flexible packaging with plasticity as a symbol of modern and fashionable packaging. However, how to solve the difference and recognition of the brand image in the "flexible packaging era" is the key problem to be solved in the process of packaging design of each cultural and creative brand.


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Diversification of packaging sizes and contextualization

The design size of packaging is more focused on catering to consumer consumption needs and habits, and flexible adjustments according to use scenarios have become a new trend in packaging design.

The new packaging design size specifications will be more open and diversified. Not only should we provide a variety of different size packaging solutions that are more considered by consumers. It is more important for consumers to consider the matching between the size of the package and the usage scenario.



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