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What is Food Wrapping Paper?

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What is Food Wrapping Paper?

Food wrapping paper is a packaging product with pulp and paperboard as the main raw material. It needs to meet the requirements of non-toxic, oil-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof, sealing, etc.. Besides, it also should meet the food packaging safety requirements for packaging food. Food wrapping paper needs to contact with food directly, and most of its packaging food are poured into the mouth directly. Therefore, the most basic requirement of food wrapping paper is that it must meet the requirements of food hygiene. Then, according to the different requirements of food wrapping paper using situation, it must meet the relevant technical standards.


Food packaging box

Products Advantages

Paper packaging products are packaging products with pulp and paperboard as the main raw materials. The raw materials used for wood and bamboo which are the plants that can be harvested and regenerated. Reeds, bagasse, cotton stalks, wheat straw, etc. are the rural residues. These resources can be re-cultivated and reused. However, the final consumption of plastic packaging is oil, which is a non-renewable resource. Therefore, paper packaging products have advantages in resource utilization compared with other packaging such as plastics. Besides, it has a very good ecological reputation in the market. Paper packaging products not only can be reused, but also many paper packaging products itself were made from waste paper fibers which can be recycled. What’s more, the discarded paper packaging products can be fertilized and decomposed into water, carbon dioxide and several inorganic substances though the nature's sunlight, moisture and oxygen within a few months. Therefore, at the time that all of the world paying close attention to the earth and the environment we live on, paper packaging products are considered to be the most promising “green packaging” materials compared with plastic, metal and glass. It is highly respected and favored by the world.

1.    Market Advantages

The paper has good elasticity and toughness, which can provide good protection for the packaged products. The paper is not affected by heat and light. For the healthy foods and medicines, paper is a traditional packaging material. Besides, it is especially suitable for those products that need natural senses. Additionally, the opacity of paper packaging is very useful for those unattractive products like brown products. The good printability of paper packaging products makes them have a unique and beautiful appearance, which is the most attractive point to consumers. Similarly, the high quality, light weight and diversity of paper packaging products, try its best to make the cost of the transportation be the lowest become a reality. Above all, paper packaging has real good market advantages.

Food packaging box

2.    Technology Advantages

Paper packaging materials are suitable for mechanized operation, because the mechanical processing performance of paper packaging materials can provide excellent mechanized production conditions for packaging machines. Luxury cardboard packaging box is usually less stretchable, not affected by climate and heat. Compared to most plastic products, it has better stability. The opacity of the paper provides covert isolation, making certain products unobservable from the outside of the package. It is also easy to process and form. Besides, there is no problem when cutting with a folding cardboard box for paper box. In addition, a variety of different packaging papers, according to their different use requirements, can provide a complete printing range, from offset printing, gravure to flexo printing. What’s more, paper packaging materials also have good breathability, softness, strength and controlled tear properties. The product is non-toxic, non-polluting. When we use it, there is easier to be opened.

Above all, the food wrapping paper can have a widely use in our daily life because of its advantages.

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