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What’s The Most Popular Way of Packaging in The Future

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Tends are mysterious, some trends flash by, others become classics. About packaging, the consumer preference is most important, so we can anticipate future trends of packaging according to consumer preference. There are several kinds of packaging that are becoming more and more popular with consumers, including different packaging designs, different packaging materials such as paper packaging.



Vintage Packaging


In order to make the product packaging a feeling of retro nostalgia, designers often use retro fonts and colors. In old age, mums were used to package food by newspaper to protect food. Besides, the kraft paper looks so similar to old newspaper that designers always use it to create a retro look. Vintage packaging can remind people of the past time and can satisfy the curiosity of young people. The key is attain a balance point, in other words, enterprises should keep aesthetic and use modern materials while using retro packaging.


green packaging


Use Repeating Pattern


The use of carefully selected beautiful patterns can make the appearance of the product more prominent. Although repeating pattern looks very simple and easy, it can be the most attractive pattern in a right way. Repeating pattern packaging can send strong information to consumers. No matter the pattern design is daring or funny, a pattern packaging can bring a strong identify information to consumers.


Simple and clear packaging


Back to the origin, focus on the production, use the simplest patterns, the most direct text to express the product to consumers. In nowadays, as the pace of life gets faster and faster, efficiency becomes more and more important. Reducing unnecessary decoration on packaging will reduce customer's time cost, because customers don’t want to spend time on product's every small detail. A clear and direct packaging design can convey information more efficiently, make the product shiny and easy to use.


environmental friendly packaging

Environmental friendly package


Environmentally friendly, biodegradable, sustainable. Green packaging will be a trend for a long time. In addition to having a new impact on the environment, it can save money for enterprise and appeal more clients. Using more and more biodegradable resource and add environmentally friendly factors in packaging design will be a big trend and that is benefit to everyone. XinXiang Printing is good at folding cardboard green packaging with sufficient experience, especially paper packaging, both personal and environmental, it is in line with the trend of environmental friendly packaging.



Packaging often is the first brand image that consumers notice, an attractive packaging is crucial, trends tell us that vintage packaging, repeating pattern packaging, simple and easy packaging, green packaging are the most popular packaging way, following the trend, the product will be accepted by more people.


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