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Why white paper board is widely used in packaging industry

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I don't know that you are familiar with the white paper board in your life or not. In fact, white paper board is always around us, such as packaging box that we always use, but we may be relatively unfamiliar with its name. White paper board is a single-layer or multi-layer combined paper which is completely made of bleached chemical pulping and fully sized. It is suitable for printing and product packaging, with a general ration of more than 150g / ㎡. This paper jam is characterized by high smoothness, good stiffness, clean appearance and good evenness. It can be used for business cards, menus, or similar products. In fact, white paper board is a kind of thick paper card. The surface of white paper board is smooth, after calendering, the stiffness is high. White paper board is also called thin board. The fiber structure of white paper board is relatively uniform, the surface layer is composed of filler and rubber, and the surface is coated with a certain amount of paint. After multi roll calendering treatment, the quality of paperboard is relatively dense, and the thickness is relatively uniform.


The most common white paper board is not colored, so it is called white paper board. But if the white paper board is colored, we may call it the corresponding colored cardboard according to the color. White paper board is also widely used. White paper board is mainly used to print business cards. The business cards printed by white paper board are more durable and have better effect.


white paper board

On the other hand, white paper board can also be used to print certificates, invitations and covers. The desk calendar and postcard are also printed by white paper board. From these aspects, we can see that white paper board is really widely used in our life.


packaging box

White paper board is also divided into paper, cardboard and cardboard, which are divided in detail. Although the last name of white paper board is "white", we have different requirements for the whiteness of white paper board, and even need to grade it. White paper board is a kind of white card paper made of thick, firm and pure high-quality wood pulp. After calendering or embossing treatment, it is mainly used as printing substrate for packaging and decoration. It is divided into three levels: A, B and C, with a quantitative value of 210-400g / ㎡. The whiteness of white paper board of Grade A shall not be less than 92%. The whiteness of white paper board of grade B shall not be less than 87%. The whiteness of grade C white paper board shall not be less than 82%. White paper board with a whiteness of more than 90%, to be honest, it's a bit too bright.


White paper board also requires high stiffness, bursting resistance and smoothness. The paper surface shall be flat, free of defects such as streaks and spots, and free of warping and deformation. Therefore, the production requirements of white paper board are relatively high. The purpose and characteristics of white paper board are basically these. We can see that white paper board is also very helpful to our life.



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