Our Quality


Our company has passed ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification.
We have advanced packaging and printing equipment, sophisticated technology, strict and scientific management.

Quality management system

1. Quality policy :

Develop the market with quality, gain customers with integrity; pursuit progress with our improvement, and create brands with high efficiency.

2. Quality representative and position:

Tian Songqing-manager of quality management department

4.In order to implement the international ISO9001:

2008 "Quality Management System - Requirements" and strengthen the operation of the company's quality management system, the company determines the quality targets of each department as follows:
(1) Quality target of production department 
a. Punctual completion rate of production plan reaches 98% ;
b. The pass rate of finished products reaches 98%;
c. The intact rate of the main production equipment reaches 100%;
d. The pass rate of purchased materials reaches over 98%;
e. The rating rate of suppliers reaches 100%.

(2) Quality Control Department Quality Target
a. Missed detection false detection rate is not higher than 2%;
b. The pass rate of monitoring and measuring instruments is 100%.

(3) Business Department Target
100% contract review and 100% contract performance
more than 95% annual target of customer service satisfaction rate
100% timely handling customer complaints rate

(4) Office Target
more than 95% employee recruitment and post competency rate
100% training and qualification recognition rate for special and critical process personnel
100% of the company's controlled documents and quality records rate

(5) Production Workshop Target
98% production plan completion rate as required
98% qualified products for one-time delivery
100% daily maintenance of production equipment
100% safety production and on-site environmental management

5. The Quality Control Department is responsible for guiding, supervising and inspecting the purchase, process and final inspection and testing, and handling and solving the difficult problems in inspection and testing.

(1) 100% validation is required for items with incoming materials that belong to validation and inspection.
The quality inspectors shall handle the return of goods if the unqualified items are marked, recorded and placed in isolation. Strictly follow the Incoming Material Inspection and Control Procedures for operation.

(2) Process inspection requires first inspection, self-inspection and patrol inspection.
a. First Inspection: In production, the first product inspection should be done. The workshop director or inspector shall check the first product against the standard (or customer sample sheet) and determine the qualified products before the quasi-batch production.
b. Self-Inspection: Operators should inspect the operation status of the equipment at any time and anywhere, check whether the monitoring parameters are required by the operation instruction, and whether the product quality is in a stable state.
c. Patrol Inspection: During the production process, workshop directors and inspectors conduct patrol inspection at any time to check whether product quality, control parameters, hygienic environment, staff operation and so on meet the requirements of relevant documents.
d. The results of the first inspection and inspection shall be recorded by the inspector according to the characteristics of the production links, selecting representative or key processes, but other processes must also be recorded if they have quality problems.
e. Correct the non-conformity in time. When the product quality is not up to standard, the Control Procedure for Non-conformity will be implemented to deal with it.

(3) The final inspection shall be carried out in accordance with the national standard GB/T34053.6-2017 Folding Carton.

On-time delivery

1.Relevant personnel:

4 people for production, 3 people for material management; 6 people for customer service, including order and delivery.

3.Delivery time:

Proofing cycle is for 7 days; The delivery period of the first order is 15 days. Normal business delivery cycle is 10-12 days; and 7-10 days for rush orders.